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    Back again?

    October 2, 2011 by 始まりの罪423

    Typing in Japanese is HARD! Okay, that was random...

    Well, I haven't been on in quite a while! Hm... what to say... Well, first off, I kind of lost my Evils Court disc, so if I don't find it within the month, I guess I'll have to save up the money to get a new one... gosh I'm clumsy...

    Well, I've watched The Prince of Egypt in Ancient Hebrew about 7 times in a row, and I'm practically barfing out random Hebrew words and phrases at completely random interval--HOSHI'A NA--see what I mean? Amazing how Hebrew sounds so neat and yet Arabic, its brother language, sounds so wierd. Maybe that's just my personal taste, though...

    Oh, yeah! I also got the message from Lamopo-san. I'l scan the booklet as soon as I find it, or as soon as I get a new CD. …

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  • 始まりの罪423

    Particularly notes that cause heart attacks and are owned primarily by Shinigami.

    Wow, I haven't been on in so long... I have no idea where to start. Well, I got Evils Court, and OMG it is awesome. I love master of the court, and the full version of Millenium Wiegenlied is perfect. I like Caprishio Farce, too. I think that the first track should have been longer. Highlight of the album for me? Probably partway through 5th Pierrot, when... well, I won't spoil it for those of you who want to buy it. ;D

    I've seen all three live-action DN (Death Note) movies now, and I cried 3 times. [SPOILER ALERT!!!] Once when Light died, once when L died, and once at the end of L, Change the WorLd. I think I like them better than the actual manga, and that's …

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  • 始まりの罪423

    This blog is brought to you by the letter K.

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  • 始まりの罪423

    "How can I send everyone to Hell" --master of the court (miku)--

    "How can I send everyone to translation" --master of the ridiculous rephrasals (me)--

    • 幸運にも いや 不幸にも
    • 『墓場の主』と『さーばんつ』の魔の手から逃れた訪問者は
    • 映画館大ホールに設けかられた法廷で
    • 新たる『法廷の主』の裁きを受ける事になる
    • 訪問者の絶望の叫びを聞きながら
    • 『庭師』は初めてこの映画館へやってきた時の事を思い出す
    • そして小さく溜息をつくのだ
    • また 新たな被告が連れてこられたようだ
    • 裁判という名の茶番が始まる
    • ーどうせ 無罪になることなど ありえないのにー

    That is a transcript of the page for

    It mentions the master of the graveyard and her "servants" (saabantsu). Haven't bothered to really translate it yet, but I might (and then again, I might not). Anyway, I'll have the Chrono thingy translated today, I've already put up the first two.

    That's about all. Maybe I should write these posts out beforehand...? Until next crime... …

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  • 始まりの罪423

    That's a preview for mothy's new album. According to his blog, he posted it at 2027-12-27(00:00). WTF

    As you can see from my comment as goldendragon68, the keywords for "master of the court" are apparantly 「全員 地獄送りでいいんですか?」 "How can I send everyone to hell?" WTF

    Anyway, I'll get back to translating soon, but first there's some cleaning I have to do. It won't take long, it's quite short anyways. Lol, unintentional pun.

    It looks like the Kapurishio Farce will be all of the vocaloids singing! Wonderful! Is it Marigold Plateau I wonder? Is it something else? Hm... Anyways, an awesome version of Re_birthday is here. It's a nicoviewer link, in case you don't have a niconico account. ;)

    Hm... That's it, I thi…

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