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I'm a little short on time right now, so I'll make this one bit more like a progress report because I can't think of anything to say.

Badge Progress

  1. Trail Blazer (1/5)
  2. Collaborator (47/50) Got this badge.
  3. Paparazzi (1/5)
  4. Stopping by to Say Hi (0/1)
  5. Oppinionator (1/3)
  6. Key to the Wiki! (4/5) Got this badge.

EDIT: I'm number three!!!

Personal Projects Progress

Alliteration anyone?

Vocaloid Parody

  • Planning (40%)
  • Script (0%)

4H Projects

  • Video Planning (100%)
  • Video Recording (0%)
  • Project Formatting (0%)
  • 3 Poems (80%)
  • Story Planning (90%)
  • Story Writing (0%)

Comic and Book

  • Comic Ideas (150%)
  • Comic Planing (75%)
  • Find an Artist (0%)
  • Have Enough time to Publish? (NO)
  • Book (8%)


Okay, gotta go!

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