By taking the Japanese and Chinese lyrics and putting them countless ways through Google Translate, I've come up with a pretty good translation of "追想のオルゴール" from mothy's newest mini-album.

Recollected Music Box [Megurine Luka]

  • The Golden Spring of a distorted musicbox
  • Cannot play the melody of love.
  • The musicbox dissapeared in history's shadow.
  • It cannot be opened.
  • He made the musicbox
  • More than anything to play the beautiful melody
  • With respect to people he called "gear-users (Clockworkers)"
  • His beloved Sister's marriage was important to him.
  • "He's a fortunate man," he said, thanking God.
  • The two love eachother for
  • The suberbly fine musicbox.
  • Hoping for happier days,
  • he poured his heart into the musicbox.
  • Now the musicbox will not make music.
  • In this country, the people with the best Magic
  • Get to become the king of everything.
  • Elected the new ruler is the alternate:
  • The sister's husband.
  • The people (Gears) frantically turned against eachother.
  • If Magic didn't exist, they could coexist.
  • The worst part was when he saw
  • The music box died red and
  • His fallen sister crying:
  • Both are loved above all others by him.
  • Now the musicbox will not make music.
  • Where once was a country there is now ruins.
  • A crazy old man is making something there.
  • When travelers ask what he is making,
  • The old man replies "a music box."
  • But...
  • What can be seen is only garbage,
  • A dirty little black box.

Please comment and give me some suggestions! This is my first blog post, after all.

EDIT: As a side note, the title contains "orugooru". This translates to either Orgol or Orgel. The prior is a word for Pride, but the latter is a word for Musicbox. This could be a reference to Aku no Musume. In Akutoku no Jajjimento, some words in the PV flash by, one saying "Magic". This could possibly be a connection between Orugooru and Avaritia.

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