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Back again?

Typing in Japanese is HARD! Okay, that was random...

Well, I haven't been on in quite a while! Hm... what to say... Well, first off, I kind of lost my Evils Court disc, so if I don't find it within the month, I guess I'll have to save up the money to get a new one... gosh I'm clumsy...

Well, I've watched The Prince of Egypt in Ancient Hebrew about 7 times in a row, and I'm practically barfing out random Hebrew words and phrases at completely random interval--HOSHI'A NA--see what I mean? Amazing how Hebrew sounds so neat and yet Arabic, its brother language, sounds so wierd. Maybe that's just my personal taste, though...

Oh, yeah! I also got the message from Lamopo-san. I'l scan the booklet as soon as I find it, or as soon as I get a new CD. Probably the latter.

Currently using Hulu to catch up on all the Warehouse 13 episodes I missed. God bless the people who made Hulu, it's awesome. Anyways, gotta go! I hope I'll be able to post again, because I've got some pretty interesting blog topics planned for later.

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