That's a preview for mothy's new album. According to his blog, he posted it at 2027-12-27(00:00). WTF

As you can see from my comment as goldendragon68, the keywords for "master of the court" are apparantly 「全員 地獄送りでいいんですか?」 "How can I send everyone to hell?" WTF

Anyway, I'll get back to translating soon, but first there's some cleaning I have to do. It won't take long, it's quite short anyways. Lol, unintentional pun.

It looks like the Kapurishio Farce will be all of the vocaloids singing! Wonderful! Is it Marigold Plateau I wonder? Is it something else? Hm... Anyways, an awesome version of Re_birthday is here. It's a nicoviewer link, in case you don't have a niconico account. ;)

Hm... That's it, I think. Until next time, little haijin's. Until next time... WE PARTY LIKE A MOFO!!!

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