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I got sword! I got a shield! I got a rupee! I got another rupee! I got a stick!

Adamwestslapdog reference for the win!

Well, today I'm gonna be working at a horse sanctuary. Volunteer work. Hooray.

Also, I just realized something and I feel kind of dumb for not realizing it sooner. I know the words "dame" and "suke", and I know that "kun" is an honorary, so why didn't I realize "damesukekun" is "dame-suke-kun"? Of course, once I figured it out I chuckled a bit. Hehe. "Dame suke"... Oh the irony of me not realizing that until now.

Now for the stats:

  • Days on wikiage: 8/14 (8/30)
  • Editage: 57/100
  • Category addage: 1/5
  • Picture addage: 1/5
  • Blog commentage: 1/3

That's pretty much all for now, so...

Hajimari no Tsumi 423, s̗͓̦̩̜̝͍̲̃ͯ̔ͦ͗igň̖̲̃͠ing̗͈̘̱ͭ̊ͭ̿͛̽̃͢͠ͅ offͮͯ̇̓ͮ͗҉̜̯̦!


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