Hiya! Right now I'm checking my email... I apparantly need to check more often (eighty-something messages in yahoo and about 20 in gmail). I'm 6 days into my contrubution rampage now. By that I mean that I'm going to edit at least one thing every day for a month, which will give me 2 gold badges... all in due time.


I don't not interrupt my own blog not to not bring you a not unspecial undennouncement. I have reverse unfound a hillarious cleverbot conversation snippet that doesn't not go not unlike this:

  • Cleverbot: Are you sure that you are a woman.
  • User: I never said I was.
  • Cleverbot: Yes you did.
  • User: When?
  • Cleverbot: When I said, Do you know everything? And you said yes.

Comic strip name

I'm still working on my film script, but I've got a title for my comic strip now: The Honorificabilitudinity of Defloccinaucinihilipilification. That's 56 letters of win right there... just kidding. My comic's actual name is everchanging, but my current name goes something like this (it's 189,819 letters long! Had to shorten it!):


Full name here.

Short Version and Myface

The short version of my comics name is "The Comic with the Ridiculously Long Name that Doesn't Pertain to the Comic in Any Way (as written by Candy, Randomness, Laxatives, Nasa, Demons, Parodoxes, Comics, And the Works productions inc.)".

And now to check Facebook... which I haven't checked in a heck of a long time.

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