Ya srsly.

Ha ha, all joking aside... This wiki has pages in need of serious editing. Every random page I visit has edit-worthy material, whether it's atrocious english skills, really out-of-date pages, or simply incorrect information. In other words... I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I'm already #7, just you wait... I'll be in the top five in no time! Fufufufufufu!

EDIT: Lucky 3,000th edit! I'm in the top 5!

Ahem... Anyway, my first blog post didn't show up in the recent blog section for some odd reason, so if you missed it (which I'm sure almost everyone did) here it is. Do they take awhile to appear? Is it a temporary glitch? I hope this one shows up in the "recent blog posts" section. :3

Badges I'm aiming for now: "Collaborator" Badge, "Key to the Wiki" Badge, "Stopping By to Say Hi" Badge, "Opinionator" Badge.

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