...yeah, please don't pay attention to the title.

I'm almost done with the chronicles, just give me another day. I just need to translate about seven lines more. I just got done translating "Tự tàn phá vương quốc, còn hướng tới phụ nữ hoàng tộc ở quốc gia lân cận, trở thành vấn đề quốc tế.", which means something like "This self-ravaged (self-indulged?) realm became an international issue, even towards the royal women in the neighboring countries (of Belzenia or Asmodeus?)." (I'm not entirely sure, since I don't speak very much of the language at all). That's from Venomania, by the way, so I'm almost done.

The remaining years on the file: 001, 013, 014, 015. Most of those are pretty short. I'll be done by tommorrow (if it even takes that long). After that, 3pages and FREEDOM!!! ...unless I find the lyrics for Wendy, then I'll feel compelled to translate it. XP

EDIT: Okay, so I didn't have it up by Friday, something came up. I'll have it up today or tommorrow, depending on how much freetime I have. Okay! Part one is up now!

NEWSFLASH!!! Apparantly, on 8/13, a new album of mothy is released!!! Tracks are as follows.

01,開廷5分前(instrumental) [5 minutes before the trial (instrumental)] [NEW!!!]
02,master of the court [NEW!!!]
03,クロノ・ストーリー [Chrono Story]
04,追想のオルゴール [Recollective Musicbox]
05,樹の乙女~千年のヴィーゲンリート~ [Maiden of the Tree ~Millenium Wiegenlied~] [Full Version!!!]
06,眠らせ姫からの贈り物 [GIFT from Princess Sandwoman]
07,五番目のピエロ (Court Version) [The 5th, Pierrot (CV)] [Updated!!!]
08,マダム・メリーゴーランド [Madame Merry-go-Round]
09,悪徳のジャッジメント [Judgement of Corruption]
10,茶番カプリシオ [Kapurishio(?) Farce] [NEW!!!]
11,赤い靴のパレード [Red Shoe Parade]

A quick note on mothy's albums. I think that there's a pattern. The only one not numbered is Evils Kingdom, so I'll leave that out for now. For AKNP001 (Evils Theater), there's Two Deady Sins and One of the Original Sin Trilogy. Then, there was AKNP002, which was a mini album. Then, there was AKNP003, Evils Forest, with Two New Deadly Sins, One song of the Original Sin Trilogy, and an instrumental. Then another minialbum (AKNP004). Now there's AKNP005, Evils Court, with Chrono Story (the third), an instrumental, and two new Deadly Sins (remember, we aren't counting the mini albums, and we aren't counting Evils Kingdom, because it has no number). Even though the first had no instrumental, it's probably because each instrumental preceeded a song of one of the "masters" songs. Which, by the way, is another pattern. Also, each full album (AKNP001, 003, 005) has 11 songs. Each small album has 6 or 7 (7 is 002, 6 is 004). I think that there's going to be 7 albums alltogether, not counting Evils Kingdom. I could go deeper into this, but I won't. I'll stop here.

Why didn't I know about it until now?! Oh well... Until next time!

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