Now that I'm done with 4H, I can focus more fully on translating (or at least trying). Right now, the only part of the Evillious Chronicles I do not have translated is Moonlit Bear through Duke Venomania, so I've only got a few dozen sentences to go. It's going to take awhile. I'm going to translate the three "hajimari no" inserts sometime before I finish that (I love my username). I've already translated the Intro as best as I can, which is on the back of the booklet, kind of like a book.

In the meantime, here's the new and improved translation of Recollective Musicbox (Orgel of Recollection) (Tsuisou no Orugooru), courtesy of damesukekun. The bold lines were properly translated by damesuke, the normal lines were my triumphs.

  • A music box whose golden spring was distorted
  • The melody that cannot be played is a love song
  • A music box that has been disappeared in the shadow of history
  • A jewelry box that cannot be opened.
  • The music box he made
  • Played more beautiful melodies than anyone else's
  • People called him "The Spring User (The Clockworker)" with (full) respect
  • He had a beloved fiancée and a beloved sister
  • He thanked God saying "I'm a fortunate man"
  • For the two girls, with all my love,
  • I'll make a superbly fine music box
  • Hoping for happier days,
  • he poured his heart into the music box.
  • Now the music box will not make music.
  • In this country, a man with the best magic
  • Becomes the king and get everything
  • The candidates chosen as a new ruler are
  • The Clockworker's fiancée and sister
  • They have come to get off the track and hate one another
  • If Magic didn't exist, they could coexist.
  • The worst consequence
  • What he saw was the half-made music box died with blood
  • A collapsed girl and a wailing girl
  • He loved both of them, both of them
  • Now the music box will not make music.
  • Where there once was a country there is now ruins.
  • A crazy old man is making something there.
  • When travelers ask what he is making,
  • The old man replies "a music box."
  • But...
  • What can be seen is only garbage,
  • A dirty black box

Now the only Akuno-P song untranslated is Wendy. EDIT: Also, Millenium Wiegenlied needs translating. Nevermind.

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