Well, it's official, I've let america down. I forgot to buy coca cola!!!, that was bad. When am I going to develop a good humor of sense?

Anyways, I forgot to log in yesterday and make a cheap wiki edit so that it would count as day two of my Key to the Wiki badge. I eventually remembered, but it was already today in wiki time! It was only 9:40 here! DX

Apparantly, I'm making a conlang. And a book. And movies. And a comic strip. And a few short comical films. Dang, I waste my time with the computer too much... wasn't I supposed to be working on 4H?



Anyways, back to the conlangs and stuff. If you don't want to read all of this, just skip ahead.

Well, I've not got my language skills down to a science (is that the right phrase?), but I've got some basics worked out. the alphabet is mostly the English alphabet, but without the letters C, Q, W, or Y, because who needs them? My issue with those letters is this: I=Y, U=W, Q=KW (or KU), and C=S (or K). Oh, and X, X is just KS in one letter, it went away too. 21 letters.

Uh... Right... Anyways, words ending with O are infinitive verbs, which can be conjugated. Words ending with E are nouns and words ending with A are adjectives. The root word stays, but the last vowel can be changed to make a noun an adjective or verb, depending on what word it is.

For example, the word "Zangie", which means "gear", cannot be made into "Zangia", because there is no such word as "geary". "Roze", however, can be made into "Roza, or "Rozo". The root word is "Roz", meaning "life, living, to live".

Nouns can have the letter M put on the end to make them plural. Directional words (to, from, beside) are tacked onto the end of vowels ("camelot-to" instead of "to camelot"). Posessive words (my, his, your) are the same (book-my).

Pronouns and anything that isn't a noun, verb, tack-on, or adjective ends with I, U, or any letter that isn't M, N, L, Z, or S. The articles "the" and "a(n)" are nonexistant.

That's what I've got worked out so far for my conlang (besides the words themselves).

Book and comic strip


I'm not gonna tell you just yet, I still need to refine them more. The course of the story keeps changing.


Well, it's really more of a script. I don't have the skills or rescources or actors or equipment to actually do the movie. I'm actually hoping to write and/or direct several movies. Anyways, the movie I hope to write/direct in the future is called Slightly Damned. If you haven't heard of this webcomic, go read it, you might really like it (page 1).

Not so Fast

Because there's still a long way to go in terms of comic completion, there's no way I'm directing the movie anytime soon. More than likely I'm going to have to split it up into two or three movies (w00t trilogy!) because of the sheer content size.

Ah, but tis only a dream within a dream within a dream... It shall never be achieved.

Not Really, I'd have to have the Vocaloids First

Hehe... with that last line I could probably write vocaloid song lyrics, given an oppurtunity (and better knowledge of Japanese). Or poetry...

I Wonder if Brick'd

I wonder if Sarah "dah chu" is single now, it'd be cool if (brick'd)...

Naw, I'm kidding, I wouldn't date someone so fa-(brick'd)...

But seriously, let's get to the next section of my blo-(brick'd)...

Dang it, I didn't do anything that time!



Short Films

I'm currently working on a script for a short comical film loosely based on Akuno-P's songs, and by loosely based I mean it's a parody and it is definitely not making fun of anything at all. I'm gonna make this short, I don't have all day, as I have dishes to do, a shower to take, and a library to go to so that I can look up language stuff, but anyway, this sentence is probably building up the suspense... Oops, better stop typing it then, OK, see you, here's the thingy!

Awesomer than #%^*

It involves Gakupo doing the partyboy, Miku offering random people poison gifts under Kaito's nose, ridiculous puns, Pandora D. Explora's Musicbox of Doom, Gumi hitting people in the face because she's ANGRY, an amnesiac Rin, omnomeiko, and Immortal Emo Luka who runs with scissors who definitely does not run with scissors because that is a bad example. That's just the beginning. Just wait until I get around to making fun of making comedic screenplay versions of songs by other producers, it's gonna be hillarious once I'm finished.


Wait... Crap!!!

4H! Dishes! Shower! Library!


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