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August 27, 2013
  • I was born on March 12
  • I am a ladygirl. :-P
  • -Momoiro-Saru-

    I'm beat... so I'm probably going to be a little less wordy than my usual posts.

    Long story short: the job I'm working just seems to be extraordinarily unstable... because it seems like as soon as I finally get the routine down, I'm being shifted around to another place with another group of kids of whom I have to get used to and understand their needs to help ease the learning proccess for them. Since starting up with the position, I've at least made seven or more task swaps, a few of them not really listed in the original job description, or just being pulled in the middle of what I was originally hired to do to sub during meeting times when there's a teacher out for one of the special classes. So much so it's to the point I'm wondering i…

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  • -Momoiro-Saru-

    I believe I'm having the worst night ever... it seriously sucks to be me right now.

    So my fears have been visually confirmed as to what has been biting me at night. I'm actually quite embarrassed about this whole thing... now I'm going to have to let my mom and dad know that we may have a potential problem with a few rogue bedbugs, because one just literally made a b-line straight for me, as if it had no fear of dying a terrible death.

    This has never happened before, in all of my years living here, and to be honest, I'm terrified to bring that news to her, seeing as it seems to be only in my room right now. The finger may be pointed at me for being irrisponsible/not vacuuming enough/eating upstairs from time to time/etc. I know that's not the alwa…

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  • -Momoiro-Saru-

    I'm almost finished translating my next original song to Japanese, and I'm sort of reworking the lyrics in my first one, since going back and looking through them some of the terms just seem... odd... :-/ I'm definitely going to have to enlist in or build up some partnerships for the future when it comes to this part... I mean, I can at least get simple sentence structure and basic conversational material, but my vocabulary and context could use a lot of work. That, and trying to keep the context in tact when I'm working on a limited number of syllables for each phrase is pretty rough at times. At the very least, having someone else's input that knows the language better than I can is essential for the grammar checking process. I really ne…

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  • -Momoiro-Saru-

    My grandmother passed yesterday.

    ... Like I said over in the "what's on your mind thread" I'm kind of all over the place right now emotionally and bottling it internally, though out of all the major emotions of grief, I haven't been able to actually cry about her death. Part of it is probably because I cried enough while she was suffering through her illness for the past several months, and the fact that she's finally in another place and out of her pain and sadness that she's been feeling ever since... it relieves me. The other is that when it seemed like she couldn't rembember who I was when her mindstate deteriorated, it had already felt like I had lost her at that point, and most of my grieving took place during that time period. That, …

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  • -Momoiro-Saru-

    Waking up from the worst nightmare I've ever had... can't stop the tears. Not about monsters or anything... well, imaginary ones, at least.

    In it, I was hanging out with my family somewhere at night... then all of a sudden two cars pull up to each other quite a distance away from us, and people get out and start arguing. Then someone gets pissed and the fireworks ensue. Instead of any of them getting hurt, it ended up with a stray bullet taking away one of my most treasured people in life: my nephew. The culprits sped off, but never seemed to get caught in the end from what I can remember of the dream.

    Things got stranger after that... I felt absolute numbness for several "days"... then when the day hit that he usually comes to spend time with us,…

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