This post made me really curious, so I've made some digging. Here you can see results! Enjoy!

'Queen of the Night II' aria:

初音ミク/魔笛:夜の女王のアリア2 [STEREO]
德語中字付 【巡音ルカ】魔笛-夜之女王詠嘆調 夜の女王のアリア
Aria in "Magic Flute"W.A.Mozart ver Rin 鏡音リン 『魔笛』 夜の女王のアリア
【UTAU】Kotodama ~ 夜の女王のアリア
【魔笛】 夜の女王のアリア 【重音テト(Kasane Teto)】
【KAITO】 魔笛 夜の女王のアリア2 [STEREO]
【KAITO】魔笛 夜の女王のアリア【鏡音レン】
  • In order of appearance: Original performance (human voice); Hatsune Miku; Megurine Luka; Kagamine Rin; Utau (Kotodama); Kasane Teto; KAITO; KAITO and Kagamine Len; Prima
  • Congrats for KAITO for being the only male here trying to sing like a girl ;P (I know there is Gakupo's version somewhere on NND tho)
  • 'Queen of the Night II' (from 'The Magic Flute' opera) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is well known for having one of the most difficult sopran colorature.

'Phantom of the Opera':

The phantom of opera vocaloid Japanese version
【鏡音リン・レン】 The Phantom of the Opera Japanese Version LYRICS ADDED !
初音ミク Hatsune Miku singing Phantom of the Opera と時々俺
Phantom of the opera Kaito and len
Kaito and Teto-- Phantom of the Opera
【KAITO】 The Phantom of the Opera【実験】
  • In order of appearance: Hatsune Miku and Kamui Gakupo; Kagamine twins; Hatsune Miku and a real human voice (male); KAITO and Kagamine Len; KAITO and Kasane Teto (poorly mixed); KAITO

Classical music related:

初音ミク バッハ 小フーガ BACH FUGUE G-minor BWV 578
【hatune miku】 Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 578
Hatsune Miku - Pachelbel's Canon
Miku Hatsune Canon Rock Jerry C ver
初音ミク バッハ(6声のリチェルカーレ) BACH ricercar a 6 BWV1079
Pachelbel's Canon Quartet Version - Luka, Miku, Len, Rin
  • And there are way too many to put here so... please look for more by yourself ^^'

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