First, what's the difference between a forum post and a blog? I'm not sure, so I just decided to make this a blog. Anyway...

So I'm sure we all know about the Chika comparison video Planty uploaded. If you don't, it's in this link:

I appreciate what Planty is doing when he compares Chika's voice to GUMI, galaco, and kokone. It certainly does give us some insight in Chika's voice range and type. However, most of the comments towards his video so far seem to have negative implications for Chika. Generally, she is for the most part compared to GUMI, and to a further extent GUMI Power. I fear that, despite Planty's intention for others to recognize Chika's uniqueness, this comparison video will instead work against her, and so others will disregard her as a vocal.

What are your thoughts? Is this video a good thing or a bad thing for Chika?

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