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  • Adept-eX

    Why I've been absent

    June 17, 2015 by Adept-eX

    Well, guys. I'm writting you for inform you why I've been so inactive during the last months. The reason are health issues. Basically I'm in recovering, and I'm trying to not exert to much pressure on myself.

    Although it's funny, it's a lot of pressure and responsibility to manage this kind of websites Because it was the stress one of the factors that triggered my health issue it's why I've avoided stay too much on the wikia and the PC.

    Probably I'm going to stay around, checking the daily maintenance or doing some minor tweaking, but I'm not be too active until I recover myself.

    Well, that's all for now. See ya!

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  • Adept-eX

    Guys, I'm a bit worried about the lack of info and interest regarding the VOCALOIDs books. It seems the only fandom who is active in that matter is the Evillious/Akuno-P fandom.

    I know we have a lack of translators and the language barrier is a constant issue, but we also have the fault for don't search the help from other people by ourselves, A thing that I've learnt from my experience working with VOCALOID CL is if you want the things get done, you need to . That's how that group along with VOCALOID FR were capable to get the support of YAMAHA.

    Just see! Kokoro alreay is on it's third novel, cosMo has a series of books regarding his song series, 1,2 Fanclub now has a manga, The Daughter of Evil too (offficial and drawn by Ichika). Guys, we hav…

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  • Adept-eX

    See you later

    February 1, 2014 by Adept-eX

    Well guys, I'm preparing me for a trip tomorrow and I'll be absent around two weeks. The place where I'm going hasn't internet, so I won't be online during that time.

    If I manage to get internet, probably it will just to check the email and my messages. So as I won't be here, take care of the wikia, guys.

    I'll see you in two weeks. Bye~

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  • Adept-eX

    Wikia's spacing glitch

    February 12, 2013 by Adept-eX

    Hey, guys! I don't know if you've noted this, but apparently there is a glitch with the Editor engine. It continues adding new line breaks after saving the edits, no matter if you pressed the Enter key or not.

    This is a real issue, specially for the tables and some templates. I noticed this when I was editing the English phonetics article, this glitch really messed the Phonetic Chart.

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  • Adept-eX

    MAN! I HAVE AN HYPE THAT I C-CAN'T... EVE-N.... asfkg! ñgjk! Uffff... until I could contain myself.

    Voctro has announced they collaborated with La Oreja de Van Gogh's project: El Plan Ballantine (aka Plan B). This is a contest where the fans can write the lyrics for the newest song of the Spanish band.

    The interesting about all this is the site has the option to listen your written lyric thought Voiceroid-like function, where typing the correct number of syllables allows to the site's program sung the lyrics for you. The thing this voice is a NEW Vocaloid developed by Voctro.

    Actually some issues doesn't allow me to listen the posted entries, but the people who could told me the quality of the voice is amazing. Apparently they recorded the vo…

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