Guys, I'm a bit worried about the lack of info and interest regarding the VOCALOIDs books. It seems the only fandom who is active in that matter is the Evillious/Akuno-P fandom.

I know we have a lack of translators and the language barrier is a constant issue, but we also have the fault for don't search the help from other people by ourselves, A thing that I've learnt from my experience working with VOCALOID CL is if you want the things get done, you need to . That's how that group along with VOCALOID FR were capable to get the support of YAMAHA.

Just see! Kokoro alreay is on it's third novel, cosMo has a series of books regarding his song series, 1,2 Fanclub now has a manga, The Daughter of Evil too (offficial and drawn by Ichika). Guys, we have been neglecting this, too much.

I was considering create articles for the books in a format similar to the Evillious Chronicles Wiki or the albums articles, including the technical 

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