Really I felt embarrassed for the fandom. Man! some people are a f*cking JERKS! Today I knew that Raimon Benach, the illustrator of Bruno & Clara received death threats from people who disliked his design.

Man! You must be kidding me. That's a serious thing, in fact is the first time that I've heard something like this in the Vocaloid History. This leave us with really bad image.

I had my opinion about the illustrations, I liked the design but I disliked the quality of the images for both characters. However a known illustrator, Shintsuki did a really smart observation, if you compare the boxarts of Kaito and Meiko with Bruno and Clara, you will notice that the quality of the illustrations quite similar.

Giuseppe is a person that I respect a lot and listen read this kind of notice from him is something really sad and unpleasant.

I would like to start some sort of collaborative message or letter from the Vocaloid fandom, showing our support and apologies to Raimon, Giuseppe and the people of Voctro Labs.

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