I had a little problem with the Template for the Song's derivative. Although I found the thumbnail server for Nicovideo I can't use the image from it due this:

If you check the image's URL doesn't ends with a file extension as JPG, PNG, etc. So the wikia doesn't recognizes it as a image link and doesn't shows the image, instead the wikia considers it as external link. Someone knows how I can make it work?! T___T ---

Now changing of subject, about the wikia's background image currently is this one, right? I see that finally is repeated horizontally, but the scroll isn't fixed nor the align is the right. I think I'm going to invert it, I don't want to torture anymore to the moderators with the CSS coding. xDDD

Also I think that user:Angel Emfrbl asked me some banners for the " Current Voicebanks" section. I can do them, but I said you that I need, at least, the approximated measures for the banners (height and width) to start to work :O

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