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Renewed Derivative Song Template

Adept-eX January 8, 2012 User blog:Adept-eX

Ok Guys, I've revamped the Template:Song Derivative 's template. Now has the option has a colored header and a collapsible text area for the description, in that way the articles will look tidier. The previous tittle's section now must moved into the {{{tittle}}} field inside the template

Probably still are some corrections to do in the template, so any inconvenience please notice me.

{{Template: Song Derivative |image = R&C_3DPV.PNG |yt_id = TscUZhXbpC |category = Fanmade PV (CGI) |singer = Hatsune Miku |nnd_id = sm10295617 |author = Brother-P|description = A 3D Rendition by Brother-P. Interestingly, the song has relatively few fanmade PVs, none becoming very popular until the 3DPV made by Brother-P.|color = pink |tittle = Brother-P's PV |nnd_comment = (NND comment) |yt_comment = (YT comment)}}

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