OMG! My Logo and background images are utilized in the wikia OAO. asadadadsafgaghdadadafxszdsasafsassddgdgsdfgukhjbjvgfacxcgrdxgdfghjgyujmnbngvvbf........

I'm so honored. =D

Now checking the new layout, as I feared, the logo doesn't look very well after being resized, so, I did a new version of it. I changed a bit the contrast, position and size of the elements so the Miku's face can be appreciated better and the fonts are a bit bigger.


Also I want to know if possible set the next values for the wikia's background image

background-repeat:repeat-x scroll:fixed background-position:bottom left background-color:#000000

If it possible then probably the admins will prefer use this version of the backround image intead the current one.


With the new version for the logo and the background image the wikia's layout should look like this.

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