MAN! I HAVE AN HYPE THAT I C-CAN'T... EVE-N.... asfkg! ñgjk! Uffff... until I could contain myself.

Voctro has announced they collaborated with La Oreja de Van Gogh's project: El Plan Ballantine (aka Plan B). This is a contest where the fans can write the lyrics for the newest song of the Spanish band.

The interesting about all this is the site has the option to listen your written lyric thought Voiceroid-like function, where typing the correct number of syllables allows to the site's program sung the lyrics for you. The thing this voice is a NEW Vocaloid developed by Voctro.

Actually some issues doesn't allow me to listen the posted entries, but the people who could told me the quality of the voice is amazing. Apparently they recorded the voice of Leire Martínez, vocalist of the band (she has an amazing voice). I have no idea if this voice will be released, however I must say it was a smart strategy from the Spanish company.

Guys, you have no idea the fangasm that I had when I saw the words La Oreja de Van Gogh (The band which marked my teenage-hood), Contest and New Vocaloid, all together in the same advise ;W;

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