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    COROROBO initial opinions

    October 3, 2016 by Ajkpinky


    So uh... hoo boy.

    I know nearly all my blog posts seem to spiral downward into arguments for some reason, but maybe this time will be the time I get it right.

    Anyway: COCOROBO.

    A VOCALOID... based off a character... for a Roomba. A Roomba.

    Gotta say, I did not see that coming.

    Here are my own opinions real quick: Her design is okay, and her voice seems fairly generic. But again, my opinions. If you like her, great! If you don't, fine!

    I just can't get over this. I mean, I suppose I should have seen something like this coming with Unity-chan, seeing as she's based off the character for the Unity engine, but at least she can be used for free and can be beneficial to the users of Unity who want to incorpo…

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    How many of you have a favorite Vocaloid other than Miku and live in the West? I'm one of them - my favorite is GUMI and I live in the USA. I ask this rhetorically, because I hate not having easy access to all the merch of my favorite Vocaloids. I'd estimate 80% or more of Western Vocaloid merch is Miku. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Miku. But you know who I like more? GUMI, IA, and KAITO. 

    Here's my main problem - non-Miku merch is not only much less common, but often more expensive too. On Amazon, a Miku Nendoroid goes for about 26 US dollars. A KAITO Nendoroid is about 40 dollars. A GUMI Nendoroid is about 70 dollars. Other GUMI figures retail for similarly high prices, reaching above 100 dollars. Which is bad for a GUMI fan like me. IA…

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    So, I was in my room reading today, and the TV was on in the other room, when I heard a familiar song...

    Yes, it was Ievan Polkka. In... an LG commerical?

    If I had been drinking something, I probably would have spat it out. I couldn't believe it. And honestly, it wouldn't have been that bad - if I had even seen Miku! I saw neither hide nor hair of her, and she's not exactly hard to miss.

    Why did someone think that was a good idea? The commerical itself was rather lame, in my opinion.

    Other people have talked about this, I'm sure, but I just saw it for the first time today, and I was utterly dumbfounded. (Also, I haven't really posted here in a long while, and I wanted to say something).

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    With the V4X updates for Miku and the Kagamines coming around, I've been hearing about "E.V.E.C." a lot. I know it was used for Luka V4X, but all it says on the page is that, and I quote, you can "vary the vocal expression on each note, adjusting the power and the softness of the enunciation." That all sounds well and good, but many people seemed to be complaining about it on Miku's "electro saturator" demo. Could someone please give me a little bit more explanation about it and why there are complaints, if it's not too much trouble? Thanks. :33

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    First, the new design:  It's not a bad design, per se, but:

    - It whitewashes Misha and removes a chance for more diversity among the mascots - let's be real, there's not much diversity to be found among the crowd. Syo wanted the design to be tan and Latina like Misha herself.

    - It also takes away from all the hard work Syo and Natasha Allegri (and Misha) did on the design. They spent an entire year working on that design! Natasha even refused payment, so clearly she was very invested in this. Not using a design that they created is like a slap to their faces.

    - I just don't think the design fits Ruby's voice.

    What I think PowerFX should do is shelve the design and keep it for later use. They wanted to appeal to an EDM audience - why don't they…

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