First, the new design:  It's not a bad design, per se, but:

- It whitewashes Misha and removes a chance for more diversity among the mascots - let's be real, there's not much diversity to be found among the crowd. Syo wanted the design to be tan and Latina like Misha herself.

- It also takes away from all the hard work Syo and Natasha Allegri (and Misha) did on the design. They spent an entire year working on that design! Natasha even refused payment, so clearly she was very invested in this. Not using a design that they created is like a slap to their faces.

- I just don't think the design fits Ruby's voice.

What I think PowerFX should do is shelve the design and keep it for later use. They wanted to appeal to an EDM audience - why don't they create a product that is much better suited to EDM and use the design there?

Anyway, that's my perspective. What's yours? Let's be civil, please.

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