I know that this might not be a great place to post this, but I need some help with publicity for my UTAUloid, Ongaki Nezuhaiiro. I don't have a youtube account, I don't have a deviantart account, all I have is this and an instagram and that is private. So I recently made a wiki for her and her friends, Gosu, Ryune, etc. But that isn't really getting attention either, I have her act 1 for download, but it isn't a great voicebank, and I already made her act 2. Is it wrong to realise the act 2 before anyone even knows who she is? And if so, how long should I keep trying to announce her to the public? This probably will get enough attention so can you guys spread the word about Ongaki Nezuhaiiro, I should probably redraw her cover art, but if you guys could, that would be great. Any advice would be fantastic!

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