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  • Angel Emfrbl

    So on DA you often see people posting their top 10 Vocaloids.

    Despite knowing the likes of Haku, Teto and others are not actually Vocaloids, people still include them. At this stage, you can pretty much fill a top 10 list several times over since we have 70+ Vocaloid and more then that in voicebanks.

    I won't link to anyone, but a few days ago there was about 5 people posting lists of their favourite vocaloids, 3 of them included non-Vocaloids. This is a pet-peeve of mine, because the rules for it being a vocaloid are straight forward, it has a vocaloid made for Vocaloid ergo its a Vocaloid.

    Teto is a UTAU, as concerned as I am for UTAU in my last blog entry, right now its still good enough to continue on for a few years to come, and even the…

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    So Kaito is now on the table now Miku is coming off soon. On the one hand it means Miku V4x is done and dusted and ready... On the other we got the broken record syndrome going on.

    I love update, do you? No really, that wasn't sarcasm its the truth. I love seeing old things give a new lick of paint or lease of life.

    Don't get me wrong, but updates don't always add much to the mix and are often only really appreciated when they add a lot of things new to the original. Take for insist Skyrhim HD. Fine you have a good a game, you can update it to HD textures. But not ever fan an ee much of a difference, the game was released in 2011. In contrast to the demand for a Morrowind update, which is confirmed likely will never happen because of h…

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    So its bugged me fore a while about certain aspects of Luka over the course so here is all my theories.....

    So heres my theory on what went on;

    Because CFM choose to redo all their V2 vocals because they were late releasing them for V3, Luka missed her Append. But they had also commented themselves to Kaito and Meio, since its was prob. known to all that V1 was due to be discontinued and they wanted to continue using them for marketing. So Miku and the CV series were good for a while as they could be imported into V3... This meant Kaito and Meiko was put ahead of the others.

    Kaito was done first because he was the more popular of the pair, they began with Miku at some point. Miku would have boasted sales for their V3. Meiko was added late…

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    Limite wiking

    March 22, 2016 by Angel Emfrbl

    So I will just be doing community stuff this next week or two.

    Last Thursday I pulled a muscle in my neck, one connected my shoulder, which means every time I move my arm it hurts a little. The doctor told me to rest it when I saw her yesterday, so I today I decided since I have met with issues at wikipedia that caused me to abandoned any further editing there, and its a low time here... I'll relax a bit and just stick to commenting.

    Not much I can do about it. I moved a cabinet by myself last Thursday, which is how I pulled it. I then moved about 60 boxes over the weekend when I shouldn't have. So I didn't do much good for it. I think I'll push things too far if I'm not careful. The annoying thing is I have a lump just out of hand reac…

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  • Angel Emfrbl
    • So I wrote a stub page for the Vocaloid Piko and it was "okay". I then wrote a page for VY1 that had several times the content - VY1 is pulled up as "its advertisement".
    • I write a page for Sweet Ann - thats fine, but Big Al is pulled up for lack of notability...

    VY1 is up for speedy delete and Big Al page's is up for deletion. I argued for VY1, because that one didn't make sense and Big Al needs help from a second editor so that one is kinda justified. But the whole thing with Piko contrasting the two puts this whole issue in a funny light.

    Its not the first time... Symphonic Choirs, I mentioned some time ago, got slapped with a speedy delete template due to "being advertisment". Remarkable though, I made a page on LalaVoice that went by w…

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