That was all my spare time spent on the One Piece wikia. All I did was spend time finding and removing trivia. 8 mnths of trivia being allowed to spiral into stupidity levels! Trivia is a nice thing to have but it can get out of hand. Its for facts that belong nowhere else on the page, yet Mr. Captain Obvious has his crew out stating every time a characters hits another for the first time.

...I'm somewhat GLAD that theres none of this in the Vocaloid fandom. The closet we get is the fanmades. It looks like the admins sitaution is finally showing clear winners on that wikia though. I'm hoping, that they get it together so I can refocus on this wikia again. ^_^'

My graphics card is playing up, the fans stopping on it. I need to get an additional fan to keep it going. I had a 15inch fan pointing at the card and no good; it doesn't spin fast enough to make a difference. Whats going on is when the fan overheats on the graphics card it stops the fan working, without the fan spinning the heat transfers to the card and the monitor cuts out. If I don't get it sorted it will fry my card. I don't need it for Vocaloid luckily, or FL studio, but for other things like my 3D software I have (I admit I barely use it though these days), I need it.

I'm trying to avoid sending the computer to the shop because Sonika isn't backed up just yet. I'll get the fan tomorrow + installed and the second harddrive in it and sort it out. The Zero-G cuts are still in force, I'm watching to see if the offer lasts until next month, it should have ended by now but hasn't. If fate has it that next month its on, I'm going to buy another Zero-G Vocaloid.

I ended up seperating Sonika and Al's vocal tracks for my song on the subject of Vocaloids. It was just easier. Composing... I have a screen dump collection of images of the vocal scores and red notes all over the picture in an art program. Planning the music basically. I am still going for "creepy" and I'm still trying to make adjustments for Sonika's voice, which means I'm going to have to resave her voice when I go to compose. Not much left to do, decide what instruments to use... Work out where its happening... I'm going to try the song first without use of audio tuning software and then with. Trouble is Autotune doesn't like my computer anyway.

I cleared out the rejected videos on my youtube account from my anime days in preparation and privatised all my current Vocaloid mess abouts as they weren't serious anyway.

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