Still working on a laptop. I am forbidden to go out into the workshed "because its cold, I'm ill and it will prolong it further." I also found out that the guy who rents the other room in our house was the one who brought it home last week and didn't warn us about him being ill.

As much as I hate illness, my landlady is falling sick with this too, she wasted £30 on a gambling site out of depression and told me to confiscate the laptop from her. She had it two hours, I gaveit to her to pay bills with since its her anyway. When the bills were paid she spent £30 on a game for kicks, won £70. Feeling lucky she beat the full £70 and thats when she gave the laptop back...

I have a mouse now so I can avoid using the touch pad, but without my computer research is still limited since its got a whole bunhc of urls linked p and saved.

Meanwhile, I'm deprieved of Minceraft and depressed about it.

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