I got a 64 page book of blank music manuscripts... :-3

Ready to go now with Sweet Ann's lyrics written.

I really should update myself, I mean manual scripts are so date but... I was taught what I was taught before I learnt what I learnt. What? Did that make sense. I might put a demo up once the Vocaloid I'm temporay using (I guess Sonika, might have to try and deepen the tone due to her higher pitched voice Vs Ann's) with just the lyrics. I'm not sure, are you suppose to write the lyrics first then the music or the other way around for best results? I always do it one way because I forgot how to do it the other. No wonder I'm not confident... Yea... Aye... -_-'

I've been around to discuss my problems at home, they want to help me and asked me to try and find a home for my pet birds. They will also help me get over some personnel issues I've got. So me parting is a delayed a little bit while we try something different. Its all turning out interesting, except the charity who was suppose to contact me got hold of my dad when they phoned my home. My dad said "you better not be handing out your telephone number to some do-gooder organisation again". I lied and said "I was expecting a call from an employer". That was a disappointing result actually. So I've got to phone TOMORROW and try for the 4th time to get this working. I don't know, I passed on a message not to phone my home today because I knew I wouldn't be back in time and they still did. T_T'

  • sigh*

Headache, headache, headache.

Also, the guys I saw today told me to really go see my doctor next week and try to get something done about my memory loss I've had for years. But whenever I have gone in for something, the doctor throws it off all the time as other things. I tried to explain this, but they've told me to go see another doctor. I might drop into the drop-in medical centre next week... >_<'

Also at some point today it went unnoticed it seems but I pulled sometime in my ankle. Just a minor sprung, nothing serious. I have no idea how I did it, it only noticed when I went to rush home... My dad joked about it. I'm not sure if he finds it funny or doesn't believe me, but its not helpful...

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