Japanese Vs English.

I actually got quite fed up with explaining this to people on Youtube, who reacts to the engloids quite badly to the point where I've given up. There is enough resources between the VVC, VO forums and this wikia to explain why they come off as they do and still no one really cares to read up. I myself had to teach myself about languages in order to explain it to others, and its pretty easy. And I'm not alone on that matter.

Its something that people just can't get into, the fact the engloids ARE very different to begin with. Top it off, the majority of the fans are introduced to Vocaloid via the Crypton Vocaloids. Previously, the english vocaloids even on this wikia were stuffed onto one page and on wikipedia they weren't even mentioned beyond the introduction. And you can't fail to notice that there is a lot of biasedness going around the english vocaloid fandom, to the point at one stage I swore the only ones capable of enjoying the engloids were the Japanese who don't really use them.

And to top it off... Okay, commerically Kaito is regarded as the only true failure of the first era Vocaloids (initally), so that means the engloids Miriam, Leon and Lola did well enough, failing only to get the Amercians to warm up to them. But people use the Japanese fandom as a gauge for the populaurity of the Engloids. Okay most Japanese don't know that great deal of english. So your asking a race of people who don't speak english to use english? Its not going to happen... Hence why you don't see that many english songs or engloids used on Nico Nico Douga. On Youtube, yeah, you see it more often. But even then, the western world seems reluctant to share their fruits of labour. So even then, youtube can't be regarded as true reflection of the users.

Things are changing, uploaders are adding engloids to Youtube, the fandoms warming up to their own vocaloids... But in the meantime, explaining "english isn't the same as Japanese" for the x50th time is wearing thin. Ignorance remains quite high, even though the english ones were around before the Japanese ones, baisedness drives people. So please people, spare the more knowledgable fans a break... If you don't like the english vocaloids thats fine, but at least read up about them and don't put yourself in a position were people have to explain it again why the engloids are different. It is getting old.

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