Completely fine by me. I was hoping someone would redo it anyway.

The only thing I don't want to see in it would be anything related to the miku formula that was being debated earlier a couple pages back in this thread. Since that's very opinion based and such.

Frm the history topic at VO forums, today,

What has it got to do with history? It was never going to be mentioned in the first place. that was me and mini having an argument. See? This is what brings down VO, insistance that everything is linked to one subject and issues that will not be left alone. That whole point of discussing Miku's design was to bring to attention the CULTURE that spawned miku's design right? So how can this be part of the history? Its not, its a completely different part of it, that is more to do with a cultures history then Vocaloids. Plus, they still don't get what was the business with that page, so everything they say in regards to it is their own opinions and conclusions which are often arrogrant and stubborn rather then practical and sensible.

They are STILL missing stuff to do with Vocaloid history and honestly, I'm past caring but more concerned that people DO use that topic for factsd without seeing the things that back it up. Previously I had offered to help and would have sourced everything, but rather then letting me help mini burst in and condemmed anything I would have offered rather then asking for my help. They are far too proud to let me add, yet let others like Xeyuzio add stuff when they are newer?

I don't think this argument will ever be resolved and honestly, I'm concerned with 1 out dated article being takenas a source which hasn't been correctly sorted even now. I've told them before, when VO forums screws up we're the ones that have to repair the damage. I wish they'd be careful with things like this. I know the wikia isn't perfect, but people know how wikia works and we udpate to sort things out reglaurly. ^_-

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