The Vocaloid fans are acting negatively towards the Miku english voicebank, afterall Luka is sub-par with the engloids. It creates a problem because even I'm in that legion of "gee gaz take cover!" screamers. I must admit, the hardest part of editing wikipedia and the wikia is remaining neutral on some subjects. While I can express my dislike in blog format, I have to bottle it up and be supportative outside of the blog.

Miku is meant for Otakus, not professionals. I mean she can be a professionals tool and all, however, in the west she appeals to the non-music makers, the anime fans and that can be bad. Anime fans don't make much music, they don't even understand that you need both a Vocaloid AND a music software to make original works and their more likely to pirate because they're not in it for the money, their in it as a hobby. And their BIASED, more so then the Vocaloid fans, like HELL their more biased!

Overall, its a nice thing Miku's coming to us, but her arrival will be overshadowed by the facebalming noise of many Vocaloid fans who now will have to spend time EXPLAINING to the new comers about how the english languages works. I just hope the Crypton guys are smart enough to keep Miku english and Japanese seperate to get the idea out of the heads of these guys that they could use the Japanese language. Regardless, its happening and in the up coming months, we'll get an announcement of some sort from somebody on whats going on. :-/

You know what though? I want another language besides english and Japanese already!

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