The other tenant in our house has been criticizing me being on the computer. So, I'm on the computer for 4 hours at a time sometimes... That's actually not that long. ^_-

I do wikia stuff in that 4 hours, like today I spent 4 hours checking things and adding to the GSR page. I'm NOT playing games and I feel like he should mind his own business, as it just annoys me he is treating me like a child. 30 years old. I regulate my compute time, occasionally I slip up but not that often. There are teenagers out there who spend more time on their machines then me.

So... *sigh*...

I am tired this evening, but I've been to two local towns and back, as well as dragged a Cherry Tree from the section home on the Train. That tired me. Its only a young tree, small enough to carry, but still almost as big as me and kinda heavy. Cost me £10 and was the healthiest tree I'd seen that was a cherry tree. My mother brought my Landlady a cherry tree last year... And it was kinda... Dead... I didn't say nothing until we planted it, as I felt too sheepish to point out that the plant wasn't alive when it was brought home... In reflection, my landlady could have given it back to my mother for refund... But sometimes you don't think these things through. :-/

Also last month I was on a worthless job "help" course, which made me miss the application form time for the local Art Centres Amien (spelling? Its a town in France) project, which means I'm not going to France this year. Yeah, that's upsetting as last year to join you just dropped in and asked to come along. They have a new sponsor so the rules changed and now I'm waiting for the next project to come up... Which may not happen this year.

Basically now I'm not on the project, I've kinda got nothing to look forward this year that's big and eventful. Which saddens me more since I've been trying to get back into art. Sad because we're in the digital age. My father forced me to be a traditional artist, and I'm a out dated worthless artist now. Oh and between him and uni, I lost my confidence. Not to mention for 3 months, things have just... Happened. Last September, my mother filled my art studio space with her junk, which is 30 boxes of worthless crap. There is another 30 in my landlady's conservatory.

She is a hoarder, but the hoarding is currently impacting us and she seems in no rush to grab it and take it home. I said to my landlady I want to enjoy the conservatory and use my art studio this summer. This is not fair to us right now.  :-/

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