Well now its been established that the new layout for the fanmades is suitable, I can begin that long process of transfer one layout to another. We've got a lot of fanmade pages... O_O

I also updated the figurine pages, I admit compared to most other fandoms the Vocaloid merch isn't bad overall. When I compare the thing that put me off of merch buying with the Vocaloid stuff, most is okay. I think the worst are those Nendoroid plush dolls and most of the EX stuff from SEGA aside from that Miku figure. Though its not a "true" representative of the character... So that puts it down straight away.

Its pretty much part of the Crypton method of marketing their Vocaloids, they do it because they can afford to take such a gamble. SOMEONE will buy it SOMEWHERE along the lines. Honestly, things are not so bad so long as they don't let too many companies like SEGA try and market bad figurines things will continue to be fine. But then I look at my "thing" and I realise, sooner or later really awful things come out of the works. Heck this "thing" isn't even a fake and thats the scary part when something so bad that you are able to confirm its not even bad because its fake.

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