Now thats theres more serious information out there, another thing I'll note after "too much information" from the youtubers who can't be bothered to read up, but from the hardcore Vocaloid Veterans. They don't like the serious tone that the Vocaloid fandom is suddenly taking in the last year. I admit, Vocaloid was more fun this time last year. But then again, I wasn't chasing information and references from 100+ different sites across the web at this point last year. -_-'

Trouble is theres no in between really. You either get well informed pages and a more serious tone, so serious the veterans are bored of it and want more fun. Or alternatively, you give the vets more reasons to poke fun at the idiots on youtube as they have all the information access that the youtubers are clueless about.

But while theres no excuse for stupidity at this juncture, theres still lots of fun to be had. Problem is, the vets have been around since Popipo first made itself known to the west in some cases, so their a lot sicker (not literally) about the songs then they were previously. If I know my trends, in a few years things will be different. Though I'll be quite honest, the vets are a much smaller group then the youtubers and their more comfortably educated and still know how to use the software better then most others. Their experience is what seperates them from any potential replacements in the up coming years, unless you actually use a Vocaloid you don't get that last bit of information that no wikia or fansite or tutorial can explain away.

And thats the big "crunch" on the western fandom and sadly there are so few of them.

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