I once said I have issues for the number of voicebanks they've released for the Kagamines. Theres now 10 in total. Someone replied at VO that I shouldn't worry about getting voicebanks from the singer. As I pointed out though, theres only SO much you can get out of a voice provider before you get repeats. That is something that is so like another, it might as well not exist. And quite honestly, the Append for the Kagamine have the LEAST amount of variation overall because they've already pulled 4 banks out of their provider previously.

Honestly, its a way to get more money out of their Vocaloids anyway, and prevent users buying other voicebanks. Since 6 appends is cheaper then 1 new Vocaloid, what would you buy? But the thing is, I'd RATHER have 6 different vocaloids then 1 Append because every Vocaloid is slightly different, whereas though the tone is different the overall weight of the voice and all its strengths and weaknesses is the same throughout the entire Append. >_<

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