So.... I guess we're a few days off of "that" day.

Anyone hate the April 1st gimmick of trying to fool someone? Its not that it has ever worked, because it has never worked for me. Its that for 1 day a year, I just turn off my computer and am reluctant to even bother with the day. Why? Because someones it gets just annoying.

Its the one day of the year you turn off and don't believe anyone or anything because you don't feel like you can trust anything.

But the real reason why I can't be bothered with the event is this; Superman.

so there is the Superman Homepage, when I came off of Anime and manga Idecided to give American comics a go. The Legion of Superheroes animation was on TV so"why not!". Well I grew accustomed to visit this site daily because I hoped on board the DC comics fandom (God... worst idea ever... The DC geeks are like Kagamine annoying fans 100x at times and can argue like Sheldon Cooper for DAYS over utter non-sense). So along came April 1st one time and I visited on the day.

You could see the Fools' day jokes a mile away. But they didn't just run 1 joke, they must have had about 6 on the go. Ever since then I've seen this day as just a general annoyance. Its like, this you can't help but think "when it a joke not a joke?". You are left feeling sheepish if you fall for a April joke, but if the "joke" is painfully obvious its not really anything... In fact the whole day is just a big write off for news and you might as well hang out for April 2nd when the jokes are unveiled and you don't have to sit there and endure the obvious attempts at tricking gullible people.

There have been a few "jokes" I laughed at when I saw them 2nd. This included the Ah software april fools (you know... THAT one listed on Status) and Invisibilly (spelling?) from Monster High, whose box was empyty because, hey, his the son of the Invisible Man (Gettit? The toy is "invisible")! But even then... They didn't make me laugh until it hurt.

How does everyone else feel about the day?

Do you feel like its a drag?

Have you ever been "fooled"?

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