It ended up with me purchasing Zelda'; Spirit Tracks (or whatever its called) and a 700 page puzzle book... I spent most of yesturday stuck looking after them. My mother called the night before because no one was there to look after them, so 8:30 something when I signed off my computer I was suddenly alerted to my job for the next day.

I bought 3 candles, the senile 3-legged greyhound made the bag they were in become 20 pieces because they smelt and the lurcher spent the day asking to go out constantly. Meanwhile I got a interest knock on the door from my youngest half-bro that for not walking his girl friend home last night like he is suppose to do, she'll hit him the following day (he was on a school trip to London, in fairness he wasn't due home for a couple of hours yet).

On my Zelda game I got as far as blizzard temple in one day and I get the idea I won't get my moneys worth of value from it. UInlikt Yu-gi-oh 2010 which still pains me to this day something like 4 months on with 700 something cards to go and its insistance on blocking me from getting more cards. I must confess though, I did buy this game to make me feel like I could actually progress on a game instead of being left grinding away on a dead end. So far its not been too bad. The train guiding sections are a pain and I caught a snow bunny... Which I guess is... "Good"... I suppose. ^_-

The moments you guide Zelda herself around, can go leap off a cliff.

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