I didn't want to post until I had my thoughts on VY2 assembled, but alas, I still can't make up my mind on "it". So I'm posting anyway.

Over at the One Piece wikia I got annoyed at the contining efforts of one editor, who while has corrected many names of characters and so forth, isn't bothering to list the names for editors who have not seen the same sources. Such laziness does no good when the wikia editors before had gone to a lot of effort to inform everyone. I don't like this anymore and flat out have told them at the other wikia that. So right now this is the only wikia I'm editing. I'm sad and happy at the same time. I hope this wikia never gets heading towards the same direction the One Piece wikia has gone. But this is to be expected from a larger wikia, when your stuggling to make a dozen edits a day with less then 12 editors, you know more about whats going on in a wikia. When 30 are here, you start loosing the faith of some editors who can't keep up.

I step back from time to time to let more knowledgable editors go about their business, but if I can work out what their doing in all of this I'm cool with that. With the One Piece wikia, I don't know if tomorrow a page is even going to exist... And place holder pages waiting for a proper name are being rejected before they can be used. I must confess I have used placeholder names like "English Vs Japanese" here while I sort the page out. The name helped editors tell what an idea of a page was about, in that case explain english and japanese Vocaloids don't have the same approach.

Top it off with mild dyslexcia, it can be hard to keep up with events... -_-

I like editing wikas and will keep editing this one until someone with more knowledge takes over the general stuff I add to the wikia. I know my place in wikia lifecycles. But sometimes, like with the One Piece wikia, it makes me sad that sometimes people don't seem to care that there were wikia editors fighting a loosing battle before they came along. Some things were done for a reason...

Anyway, I'm actually ill as it happens with a cold. The warmer weathers starting to come in, summers on the way, but I'm been out in the garden a lot recently. There is enough chill in the wind to get the nose running and thats what has happened; I was gardening yesturday, and the day before, today I've got a cold. Good grief, on top of my other thoughts today I got a cold. Lol.

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