I've had him got months... I was going to buy a softwsre to make music with him, I've done a lot of demos with FL studio demo version but the problem is once you make them you can't reload them. Save having the program get unlock illegally, theres nothing I can do about it. Most of the ones I made were generic anyway but with a dozen songs written...

...The problem is simply my last computer went in the shop the day I was about to buy the software and ever since then I've not set aside time to do things. And with X-mas on the way, I've got other things to put money towards. So basically, I'm not going to be uploading stuff until next year.

Heaped in with this is my thoughts towards what my next Vocaloid should be. I've worked with Miriam, Lola and Big Al and I've satisfied with Al. Except he always sounds like he wants a partner to sing with him. Its kind of one of those Vocaloids who most benefits from a partner and every time I've heard him sing with someone else, he always sounds a lot better then on his one simply because you have a contrast, a complimentry voice to strength him. The top 3 choices for a partner are Gumi, Luka and Tonio, though Sweet Ann is meant for him she is just too dated. They say Primas good with him, I've only heard one or two songs, and when he is with Sonika she sounds like she needs him more then Big Al needs her. I can't work with Japanese Vocaloid so welll (Lily and Iroha demos taught me so) which means its Tonio or Luka. If I get Tonio, then Prima would be next. Then Sweet Ann and Sonika.

I must admit, part of me is curious over Vocaloid 3 too much. When Anders asked us for feed back, I jumped in with everyone's top priority of "backwards compatiblity" which others then backed me up on by saying they definately want it too. If that happens, then Vocaloid 3 is my priority. I'm reluctant on Leon and Miriam until I see Vocaloid 3.

The most AMAZING thing about Vocaloid 1? The professional never used it as well as the fans have. When I hear some attempts at Lola from the fandom rather then the professionals, I'm stunned. How ironic years later people have begun to understand it.

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