So today my landlady threw out a potential lodger over some comments that he said. Theres me, 5' 6" left dealing with a 6'4" male who was waay stronger then I was and had just displayed an agreesive streak in front of 3 ladies. Meanwhile, I was assured the ex-army husband was coming to my aid, but I'd completely forgot what sort of danger this guy had posed.

In fact.... Its just hit me 3 hours after the event WHAT had gone down and what sort of danger this guy posed to me. O_O

So sure, not going to say what went down or wh its personnel to the my landlady (one of the other two ladies with me) and the third lady there, but I can'tdo any editing, now my nerves have caught up to me I'm a bit shakey.

The guy had seem so friendly and claim, but my landlady raised a subject which had been a sort of skeleton in the closet for his family and he flipped out. I myself had just popped out to fetch the husband when my landlady had set off the fireworks and had brought the wife instead who though was not ex-army she'd was worst then any soldier I've ever know. O_O

Edit: Oh wow, tonight the drama is all happening; I just saved a pigeon chick off of my cat who was playing with it in the dark.

So now tomorrow I have a pigeon chick to deal with. O.o

I placed him in an old finch breeding cage I had to protect him until the morning, he has some water with him and some seed.

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