So long as you spend $63, you can get use this code to get any vocaloid, despite the entry here highlighting its a chance to get two vocaloids.

I'm sure the guys at VO know about this though.

this is currently the lowest price you can reduce Zero-G vocaloids to. >_<


Also, this ends at midnight I presume by London time... If it hasn't already ended...?


Quick maths..! You just need to find a product on Zero-G about $15 ($14.01 to be exact, $15 was my establish before I slapped this into a calculator) more to add with Avanna if you're after her.


I tried this out quickly, but its not working anymore for Avanna. >_<

Edit: Okay, it seems certain products don't work with the offer unless their REDUCED price is $63, not the price before the redunction. So as well as any voclaoid, you need to make sure the product sold with it is at least going to push it past the price of $63, I'm trying to find alternatives because... I own every V2 so Avanna is the only Zero-G vocal I can get. It will work with any two vocaloids otherwise. >_<


So for the price in UK money? £43.92! Apparently this works out in the case of Avanna and the Nu Metal package I threw in. This almost the same price of any video game you buy in shops like GAME. Still not bad at all. I could reduce this a little since the price must equal $63 once reduced. So a $35 software MIGHT work or a couple of the $15. Either way if your into making music, even if your just after Avanna or another vocaloid this is a good chance to get something else from Zero-G. ^_^

The one issue which prevents me, personnally, buying into to deal is no V3... I do want to get a V4 engine at some point, so V3 is essential for me since I own 4 of the 6 vocals for English, But I'm not sure if I'm going for this with just V3 Lite being offered. I think this is the biggest issue around Avanna and it REALLY holds back bidding vocaloid users. So you either have to go to the yamaha store or PowerFX and a few others to get it.  :-/

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