I've had the most chaotic 72 hours... I'm not going to detail them, but I'll give you a taste.

Today I stopped into my local opticians. I said I had a brown web spiderweb effect in my eyes an had had it constantly appearing on and off for 2 weeks. 5 hours later I ended up in A&E being told its likely not important, which I knew.

Long story short, they played "pass the patient", slowly passing me down the line until I got to A&E. As we said to the doctor at the hospital, we (my mother was driving me from stop to stop as I had met up with her) didn't want to end up there, but nobody would spend 5 minutes to look at my eyes. They just kept saying "go here". It wasn't a real emergency,I was just off loaded onto someone else. Reason? They were too scared of being sued if they missed something so didn't want to deal with me.

Edit: So I'm just going to add here whats the update.

I went to have my eyes looked at completely thoroughly yesterday and long story short, their fine. For the most part. I've got the start of a up to 10 year drop towards a retina tear in both eyes. So I'll be fine for a while.  :-/

I'm short sighted quite badly, so this is something I've got to put up with.

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