I read it when it came out, but I came across this topic while stalking Vocaloidism;

This has been the problem a lot lately, though Vocaloid is getting attention out outside of Japan, there are so many misconceptions.

Firstly, no one EVER bothers there are english Vocaloids. Some even neglect to mention there are OTHER Vocaloids in their reports. Some mention she is the first, neglecting that there were Vocaloids before her, some don't even mention she is a Vocaloid at all. Journalists are suppose to do research, but these simple things make a lick of difference.

Some don't even mention what Vocaloid is even they mention that she is a Vocaloid, they call her a "virtual idol" when she is not. They say she "sung" the songs when technically that is both wrong and right at the same time. Few rarely report the P's involvement with the songs and no one seems to pay attention to the greater picture of Vocaloid at all.

It sort of makes you wonder what the real deal is. They can't even get that thats NOT a hologram at all in the concerts right saying that. A projector was involved. We don't have "hologram" technology as such yet. They also take the leek thing wrong, possibly in the biggest mistake of all when its a Welsh/spring Onion.

Is it poor journelism? Yes.

Thank you news reporters world wide for proving journalism still is as flawed as it always was.

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