So... I just this morning broke through and beat the Pokemon Y game, so now I've completed every Pokemon game except for B and W 2.

My thoughts on X and Y are how much more balanced it is compared to past games. If you don't spend time leveling up Pokemon (I didn't), then the trainers you come across are good enough to push XP up far enough for you to have your pokemon level fairly. In fact half the reason why this game is "easy" is that, early on especially, the game is very XP generous.

There is also at this stage so many pokemon that its not hard to make a nice all round team that can cover most of the basis of each pokemon type you come across. My final team had Clauncher, Meowistic, Chesnaught, Avalugg, Talonflame and Tyrantrum. hat covered everything except for steal and water... Clauncher got ridiculous at the end since he had a fighting, dark, dragon and water move at the end of the game, the majority of pokemon in the league were KO'ed in on hit and I completed the league with him at level 78, he was 10 level higher then all the other pokemon.

I find with pokemon games, with the exception of the second generation, once you break through to the final champion, the champion is able to beat in one go. You might take a few goes to beat the league (since you don't always meet them at the right level), but once they've been beaten... The Champion is a push over. XC and Y's Champion's Gladevoir managed to KO 3 of my pokemon, and left a fourth on 2 HP, but I still knocked the thing out with chesnaught.

I will say the ending is one of my favourites, sod the parade that was crap, I'm talking about the fight with AZ. That was a nice ending to his story and I'm glad they tied it up.

With Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby's remakes coming up, I'm trying to push to complete Ruby now that Y is complete. I'm going to hunt down the remaining megastones and strip my X game since I have to replay it due to giving my brother the legendary for that game... Plus I want Charazard X...

Also, I've grown to especially consider "Clauncher" one of my favourite pokemon this generation. :-/

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