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I made the decision not to buy Ann until I see whats going on with Vocaloid 3. So the focus is back on my old song since I won't be making a birthday song for Ann. I want to see what Vocaloid 3 offers and its pointless buying more Vocaloid 2's until I see what Vocaloid 3 does in case I like what I see better. Thats the trouble with the Vocaloid 3 news, with so much more on the horizon, I don't want to fork out until I know EXACTLY what I'm doing.

I'm keeping what I've done so far in Ann's song, since I'll prob. reuse it at a later date.

Theres a lot of information flowing around right now but some of it is disjointed.

Edit: Oh yeah I just rendered the tracks for that Tonio and Sonika song... I forgot to mention that, I'm literally just at the stage of putting it into FL studio.

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