So I've added some images to DA over the last few months for sale.

I've been inactive for a while now... But I'm active once a month to update the account. But a great sadness befalls me that I just haven't made a single sale. So I have a choice between keeping this going and hoping something clicks, or giving up. Its only been a month since I returned and my account is 10 years old.

Not very encouraging though, my issue is I have a LOT of photos I can't sell since are of zoo animals. I've asked before at a few of the zoos and yet to have a "okay" for sale. Without permission I fear the consequences of selling these images so their there for my on-line portfolio only. I'm sort of all too aware of how Copyright goes on the net when you don't want that kind off attention. :-/

So I'm weighing up my options, part of me thinks I need to be socially active on DA (which is something I'm not keen on). Don't get me wrong, I interact with others here on the wikia, but outside the fandom I'm pretty much a loner. In other words, I'm not one to go around advertising myself like a lot of people. But this forms a catch 22 situation almost.

For now since I'm not able to do any 2D work with ink like I like, I'm also stuck with photographs only. Oh well...

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