Not going to mention any names... But it seems no news on Engloids can pass without SOMEONE showing some hate for them.

Lets get this out in the open; their not for everyone's tastes because their not what everyone expects of a Vocaloid since most are introduced via Japanese Vocaloids. HOWEVER. If the haters directed their hate at improving instead of always putting down, the engloids could get over their problems. Well and truly, the people who say they hate the engloids are the ones who should be commanding the direction of improvements, but they always choose to take up the wrong stance. Engloid lovers don't always spot the mistakes they pick out.

Thats my note of comment... Since I plan of mentioning the engloids in my end of year report, I'm putting this here and its one of the things I'd like to open out on in the report.

But yeah, engloids need the haters - but not to always push them down, but instead to help pick up their feet off the ground and be told what they did wrong.

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