Nope. I have only ever heard a single engrish song I fully understood and even then it has flat pronounications and that was Gakupo's Rick roll. >_<'

My now ex-boyfriend/friend showed me the english part of Popipo once... All I heard was "juisu" (Juice) and thats not proper english. I know people want to use Vocaloids for what their not meant for, but it just doesn't always work. Half the problem is their using the "equallent" phonemes, if those work they work. If they don't... You get a horrible little mish mesh of jumbled words that don't sound right. And yet theres so much biasedness towards proper Engloids even now, even though at least I know they say "Juice" when their suppose to.

And Miku's rated as one of the worst too, and it notices when you hear a song you've never heard before how bad the pronounication is. For instance, I just heard "Numb" by Linkin Park for the first time today sung by Miku. Not a SINGLE word I understood and I listened to TWO versions?!?!? And I'm not a fan of Linkin Park, so I'm put off looking up the orginal to see what the words are to it.

If you know the lyrics of a song prior to hearing it for the first time, your brain knows what its aiming for, thus I spend a lot of time trying to find songs I haven't heard before. Its the same as when a english person hears a song sung in Japanese, even if a Japanese Vocaloid is used, they don't know if the pronounication is off is it ever is! Most hear a pretty song and need subtitles to translate it.

I don't even like the "Rick Roll" song either.

I'd rather hear proper english, even if its bad, then listen to something I have to strain my ears to understand... Miku is the wrong Japanese Vocaloid for Engrish, if you use better ones like Gakupo the result notices. Miku is getting an english voicebank too, I'll think I'll turn to drink when its released... When she is over pitched her voice really hurts my ears, I'm sensitive to high pitches unless their softened. Sonika is the other Vocaloid I can't listen to because that annoying tin sound is there. Its in ALL her samples, it just comes out. I hear it clearest in her version of "Poker Face", which is a shame because she is the only engloid that I have an issue with and its not even the same as most others issues with her. -_-'

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