Well as the day went on, a round of illness that made me sick to my stomach is clearing up; its 22:09 though and I'm tired. Can't win. Oh wells. Looking around, the wall of biasedness that centred the Vocaloid fandom has really begun to be pulled down. This is good. Not only are the engloids slowly benefitting from the tear down of that wall, but the Japanese non-Crypton vocaloids too. Its a GOOD result.

You know what though, I think Crypton should have sold Miku to the west a year ago, before the explosion of products came about once AH software joined the market. Looking at what Vocaloid has become, selling Miku to the west now, will either rebuild that wall or that wall will prevent Miku succeeding. Either way... Mikucash is a stupid name, Crypton should have chosen something that didn't make it so damn obivous their out to expoit guilible weaboo and youtube fans. Even I could have come up with a better name.

Its actually, almost insulting that they view westerns as a exploitation of money source, as it begs why they want the market to grow. To get more into Vocaloid? Or simply so that they can remain at the top? Or perhaps they just don't care.

Either way, I like the current crop of engloids and nothing can make me buy Miku unless she is DIRT cheap to buy.

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