Woke up this morning with a heck of a sore throat and pains in my chest. Welcome summer cold... Or flu... Or whatever you are illness. Haven't stopped coughing up junk since I got up. My father is berating for not doing the dishwasher last night, its quite typical actually for him since he has a long history of not only trying to out-do everyone's illnesses, but also ignoring when other people are ill. I went out and bought chinese last night as well, didn't want to because even last night I wasn't 100%.

Miku English is out, she is living up to my expectations, then again... My expectations were;

  • Stronger vocal then Luka
  • Stronger accent then Luka
  • Worst then a proper Engloid
  • Vast improvements over Luka

So far, she is meeting up with all of that. Now if they make her smooth before release. A lot of people are now pointing out it pretty much doesn't matter how good or bad, Miku will still be regarded as the best English Vocaloid voicebank. Its the reality thats starting to sink in...

Actually as progress is made, people ARE finally understanding how these things work. The consquences is, people slowly learn that what they precieve is good is not what they think it is. MissingPixelSticks summed it up the best of any fan in the Vocaloid and UTAU fandom;

I posted that in yesturdays blog. The most amazing thing is, if I can think of any sole reason for English Vocaloids not taking off, this would be it. Its this expectantion of something being worst then something else when it reality its a very different story. If you compare Miku's "Let it Be" demo song posted on NND and then listen to Big Al or Sweet Ann, you realise that half the trouble is that once you polish up a Vocaloid and actually put some work into it, it suddenly springs to life. The irony is, Sweet Ann and Miku share something tragically in common with having uber strong accents right now. Lol. PowerFX Vocaloids however DO have this habbit of being strong. Lol.

I think if anything, Miku english marks a moment in the English Vocaloid timeline, where suddenly a lot of interest is about to hit them.

Honestly, right now the English voicebanks need a big boast, like an Exit Tunes release dedicated to them and them alone. :-/

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